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After continuous demand for quality food & beverages products in Germany, Helexo Greek Wines Beer and Spirits and its business arm ‘’Helexo Greek Foods’’ located in Thessaloniki Greece, performed a strategic alliance with Papaspanos Nikos Imports company initiated in Karlsruhe. A non-equity strategic alliance was created at the beginning of 2020 and the two companies pool their resources and capabilities together with passion and commitment to supply healthy, top quality and value for money products from Greece to Germany and central Europe. Helexo only acts as an exclusive supplier from Greece to Germany and elsewhere. We love what we are doing that is obvious in our services and products. The website is dedicated only to communicate this effort and is powered from Helexo Greece.




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In all major German cities since we keep exclusivity for the most of our products. Depending on the area, minimum orders quantities are required. We are constantly expanding our service area and soon will be available in other cities too. Please contact us for enquires.
In case you are interested in our products, please fill out the contact form.We will forward your request to the nearest partner to get in touch with you to schedule an intake meeting at your business’ premises provided that we serve on your area.
Normally we have to charge but on the first order we will deduct the double amount of the cost of the samples from your invoice

For the moment our service has to be paid in cash, on the delivery.

Send us an email (you can find our contact information on the footer section, underneath). Please, send us basic information like: name, cell phone, a brief review about your business & website.

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